Signs You Are Cut Out To Be An “Interim Manager”

With your abilities to effect successful change, improve business processes as well as manage company turnarounds.

If you are one of those professionals whose career strengths lie in restoration, repair as well as rejuvenation, you might want to consider (or have already considered) a career in interim management.

Perhaps you are unsure whether to take the plunge into the interim management industry due to the relative instability of such a career (as compared to a stable, in-house managerial position, since your value as an interim manager would be defined by the success of your previous assignment).

However, if you find yourself bristling with adrenaline when you help conceptualize and implement a plan of change for a company, if you find yourself adept at leading teams to manage change and streamline business processes, you might want to read on for more signs that show that you could explore a possible career as an interim manager.

#1: You Are Goal-Oriented And A Competent Problem Solver

While being goal-oriented can be a general skill to have regardless of job function, interim managerial roles require experienced senior professionals with a great sense of purpose and clarity of direction when conceptualizing of and implementing their plans of attack in the various organizations they have been called to fix problems and drive change.

If you find yourself competent in diagnosing issues and achieving measurable goals to ratify these issues, your expertise in your field coupled with your hands-on ability to problem-solve and see through the execution phases of your strategy can pay off well for both the company that hires you as well as for yourself.

#2: You Are Prepared For The Unpredictable

The next key feature I find among professionals excelling in interim management roles is their abilities to expect the unexpected as well as their relative ease with some extent of unpredictability in their lives. This is because given the ad-hoc nature of the interim industry, an enticing job role might just pop up around the time when you originally planned to go on a three month Europe trip and the like. Other times, you might expect job offers to come rolling into your inbox but find yourself merely staring at an empty inbox. Such is the uncertainty contained in the interim management industry and if you find yourself fine with such moving factors or even thrive in such situations, perhaps you might consider a rewarding career as an interim manager.

#3: You Hope To Have A Flexible And Rewarding Career

One of the major benefits of interim management roles is that they offer a great deal of flexibility to professionals in choosing the types of projects as well as the companies they can work for.

Being an interim manager might enable you to miss out on those unnecessarily office politics that hamper rather than help the success and productivity of your work.

However, despite not being privy to the undercurrents of office politics and obsequious boot-licking, you can contribute refreshing and out-of-the-box ideas (from your perspective as an ‘outsider’ as compared to the in-house staff) that could enact much-needed company change. If you derive job satisfaction from helping various companies cut costs or increase their profits, you might want to consider being an interim manager.


While you might still hesitate in taking the leap into the interim management industry because you worry that the high salary you command might deter would-be companies looking to hire, fret not. More often than not, companies that are worth working for and who hope to enact long-term plans (as opposed to short-term and short-lived measures) will see past the additional costs to hire you — as long as you deliver more value to them in return.

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“To serve the Queen of Heaven is already to reign there, and to live under her commands is more than to govern.” — St. Jean-Marie Vianney

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